The Bistro is now open on Mondays at 5pm to 9:30pm

While normally closed on Tuesday, we will be open for July 4th at normal dining hours.

 45 Seavey Street N. Conway NH 03860      (603) 356-7000

Celebrating 90 Years In The Family Business
Vito's pizza primavera

Vito’s Pizza Primavera

Vito's Pizza Primavera Tasty vegetarian pizza Baked pizza dough- prepare enough for one 12 inch pizza. use your favorite recipe...
Great Summer Dish

Vito’s Pasta al Mediterraneo

Pasta al Mediterraneo  Pasta with tuna and olives, dressed with lemon. Delicious warm, room temperature or cold. Great Summer dish 1...
Baked eggplant served

Vito’s Baked Eggplant stack Florentine

Vito’s Baked Eggplant stack Florentine An Italian Favorite that is baked not fried. Sure to please anyone that loves eggplant....
Strawberry Tiramisu cup

Vito’s Strawberry Tiramisu

Vito’s Strawberry Tiramisu A traditional Italian dessert with a fresh twist, when fresh strawberries are in season I love to...
Rosemary chicken grill

Vito’s Grilled Rosemary Chicken with Cucumber & Tomato salsa

Vito’s Grilled Rosemary Chicken with Cucumber & Tomato salsa Try this refreshing easy dish, great for summer time grilling. 4...
Arancini Fruti di Mare-small

Arancini Fruti di Mare

Arancini Fruti di Mare Risotto balls stuffed with Shrimp & Scallops, deep fried or baked. Risotto2 cups Arborio rice2 tbsp...