45 Seavey Street N. Conway NH 03860      (603) 356-7000

Celebrating 90 Years In The Family Business

Outdoor Patio Dining
- Reservation Required

Enjoy our popular Summer dining with our delicious menu, and guarantee your seat with our Reservation requirements. Set a reservation by calling during business hours of 2-9, up to 5 days in advance our number is (603) 356-7000 Patio dining hours are Wednesday through Sunday 4:00 pm to 9:00 pm, we are closed Monday, & Tuesday.

When you arrive at the Bistro,  We will have instructions for you to follow, our host will guide you to your table. You must wear a mask up-till you are seated at your table for both your protection, as well as other guests. If you do not have a mask one will be provided to you by our host.

We hope once you are seated you will feel transported to a traditional meal with family and friends, knowing our staff is doing everything we can to keep you safe.

Call (603) 356-7000 to Reserve your table


Our Safety Procedures To Help Flatten Covid-19

At the Bistro we are excited about our re-opening of our outdoor seating on the Patio and are following New Hampshire state law and recommendations to keep you safe. If you're interested below we've detailed the safety procedures we have implemented to keep you informed.

  • Single Use Dinnerware

    Your food will come served in a special single-use tray with single-use silverware. In the event where you'd like to take your food home, you can simply take the tray as your to-go box.

  • Requiring Face Masks Until Seated

    While walking across the Patio we require our customers to keep face masks on. Once comfortably seated on our Patio you may remove them. If you do not have a mask one will be provided to you by our hostess.

  • Limited Seating and Reservations Required

    Our patio has been re-setup to keep to laws and recommendations on social distancing, as such seating is limited and will require reservations.

  • Our Servers Protection

    Our staff is equipped with PPE for both your protection and there's.